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The Reading, Writing & Arithmetic Collection


The Reading, Writing & Arithmetic Collection


The Reading, Writing & Arithmetic Collection reflects a new journey into the school-aged years with my son, and a new chapter in my personal journey marked by full immersion into uncharted territory.

Helping my son learn to read, is both fascinating and a practice in patience. As adults, we often take this basic skill for granted. Listening to him sound out every letter, while also learning the many exceptions to the rules, gives me hope in my own journey. New experiences and skills that feel difficult and cumbersome at first, will in time become second nature. The encouragement he receives from his teachers, peers and his parents help to push him beyond what he thinks is possible. Thanks for the life lessons, kiddo!

On to the pragmatics - this collection features a new print that takes a second look to decode. From a distance, it has the look of herringbone. When carefully studied, however, it’s underlying structure is revealed to be stacks upon stacks of books. The color palette is modern collegiate, and the mix of textures imbues warmth and sophistication.


Photography | Kathy Wolfe
Makeup | Marie Miclot
Model | Jacquelyn