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The Patina Collection


The Patina Collection


The Patina Collection is a reflection on age and beauty.
Exposed to the elements, exterior surfaces develop a new life – a new layer of beauty that bares witness to time and experience. Internally, time yields growth through struggle, success and exposure to the unfolding stories of people and environments encountered.

This collection features a new print that represents this passing of time and was created by texturing the classic wooden blocks played with by children. The texture resembles moss and peeling paint that embellish and give character to architectural elements. Inspired by the various patinas found in the natural and built environment, the color palette ranges from the playful to the subdued.

Beyond the collection, my business continues to grow and evolve. We have BIG plans and changes ahead in the next month that we can't wait to share with you.

Be a part of our story.


Photography | Kathy Wolfe
Makeup | Marie Miclot
Model | Jacquelyn