rivers & bridges


Rivers & Bridges


The Rivers & Bridges collection is a melding of the organic and man made, of commerce and leisure, of history and future. This season, we are commemorating our 10 year anniversary by drawing inspiration from the birthplace of Kelly Lane - Pittsburgh, The City of Bridges (446 bridges to be exact).

Imagine looking through the grates of a bridge, or the city blocks symbolized on a map wrapping around the river edge - it is in these tensions that my custom Rivers print was created. Continuing along this line, the earthy hues of Tumbled Terra and River Blue evoke the natural and built environment. Terracotta shards tumbled by the river are transformed from the utility of a brick to the beauty of a smooth stone, while the muted blue of the river is reflected in the steely bridges throughout the city.

Walk with me, and tour this season's superbly wearable silhouettes handmade with luxurious organic cotton, cut and sewn for you exclusively in Pittsburgh.    

Photography | heredwelling
Makeup | Marie Minahan
Models | Miyah Knight | Patrick Goettler