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The Pezzettino Collection


The Pezzettino Collection


This collection is inspired by the very insightful children’s book, Pezzettino, by Leo Lionni. Pezzettino is a “little piece” who believes he must be someone else’s missing piece. He embarks on a journey of identity that leads him to the island of “who am I.” Through rough terrain he discovers he is a whole piece and celebrates, “I am me!” He puts himself back together and travels back home to share his discovery with his family and friends.

This journey of self-discovery and identity is particularly poignant at mid-life when so much seems to have changed so quickly. Now I am a mother, a spouse, a designer, a business partner, not to mention a daughter, granddaughter, sister, and friend. The hats are many, and it is often difficult to find yourself among the chaos.

The Pezzettino print represents these fluctuations in identity and the moving parts to our whole. The color palette is subtle and sophisticated, contrasting the warm tones of an earthy pink that comes from the natural hue of color grown cotton with crisp and classic black. As a counterpoint, we have added a soft grey-blue with lavender undertones.

Take a peek, and find a new little piece to journey with you through your next season.


Photography | Kathy Wolfe
Makeup | Marie Miclot
Model | Jacquelyn