Our Line

Kelly Lane is a thoughtful and vibrant collection of organic clothing for women, men and children handmade-to-order exclusively in Pittsburgh, PA.

Drawing on her formal training as a graphic designer, Kelly's approach is heavily influenced by the Bauhaus modus operandi where technical and artistic skill are given equal emphasis – where utility and aesthetics are one. Her artful compositions of color, texture and custom prints are given life in hand-constructed patterns that form flattering and functional silhouettes.

Beyond the Bauhaus, where the emphasis is often placed solely on the designer's perspective, Kelly began the line in dialogue with women to find out her wants, needs and desires – to feel beautiful without a fuss; to own fewer, more versatile pieces that can be worn day to night; and to wear something unique that tells a story.

As the line has expanded to include men and children, so has the dialogue. From the men who bike to work, yet need to be presentable upon arrival, to the kiddos (and their parents) with strong opinions about the look, feel and function of his and her clothes – we're all ears.

The result? A response-able collection of high-quality clothing, artfully composed in limited quantities for you.