Looking Back. Looking Forward.

Founded in 2006 as a ready-to-wear women's line of sustainable clothing, Kelly Lane was sold in over 50 stores internationally. After the birth of her son and a 3-year sabbatical, Kelly has evolved her business to include collections for women, kids and the home. Her colorful line of organic and locally produced clothing is now available exclusively on-line and by appointment in her Lawrenceville studio.

With each iteration of her business, Kelly reflects upon and deepens her vision as a sustainable brand. Her ongoing commitment to sustainability is greatly influenced by her childhood in North Carolina where Kelly witnessed first hand the devastation a small town can experience when a major source of employment, such as cotton production, moves over seas.

The shift from traditional wholesale to on-line retail is grounded in her efforts to continually improve the brand's sustainable strategies. As a wholesaler, Kelly did her best to minimize excess fabric and product inventory. However, she realized that meeting industry minimums within the traditional wholesale model meant an unnecessary and over use of valuable resources (time, money, energy, raw material, space, etc).

She determined that it was no longer enough to source eco-friendly materials and produce garments locally and ethically. The structure of doing business needed to be re-examined. And while, creating an on-line, made-to-order business is not the only answer, it is a step in the right direction.

Kelly's new vision for her brand is re-imagined as a lesson in creative constraints. "How can I create better with less?" From selecting materials, finishes and packaging to developing her designs, this is the question that guides her process from start to finish.

And what do you gain? Beautifully made clothing with a conscience made to order, made to last, made to love.